Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trust me, I'm a promoter

Here I am, ready for tomorrow 10am train to the city of the (often broken) comedy dreams. I have just seen a Facebook update from the comedian who has the slot before mine in the same room: he had an audience of 3! I hope that 45 minutes longer for people to get to the venue and a the display ad on the program that coasted me a small fortune will make a difference, but I intend to start flyering like crazy as soon as I arrive in Edinburgh. People who have never performed think that big crowds are scary, but of course in comedy a small crowd is much scarier, since you don't have the "critical mass" to get a proper laugh. And of course you do a festival because you want your show to be seen by as much people as possible. Let's see how it goes.

By the way, yesterday I wanted to email some comedy promoters with news of my show, so I did a Google search in that sense and I stumbled upon a Gumtree ad from a cafe JUST AROUND THE CORNER FROM WHERE I LIVE that was looking for somebody to organize a regular comedy night! They say that having your own regular night is the best way to improve, so I replied to the ad and I went to the cafe to meet the person behind it. The meeting went well, we are still waiting for the final OK from the bar owner but apparently things are looking good. We would start with a "pilot" night in mid September and see how it goes. I don't think I'll choose myself as the MC given that I don't have any experience in that role and that I'm not sure I'm cut for it, but I'll definitively book myself for a good slot. And I'm equally intrigued by the chance to exercise my taste in booking the other acts. Now I have one more mission to accomplish in Edinburgh, that of the talent scout. Comedians reading this, you should better brush up your act!

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