Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm (almost) a celebrity: never get me out of here

No ifs and no buts, and no false modest either: today it was a triumph! I was very worried because this morning we had the heaviest rain so far. It seems to be this way every day: it rains in the morning, then the sun comes out after my show, the bastard. I was expecting an audience of frogs and snails or no audience at all. Instead I had a good audience, full laughs all the time, many compliments at the end and a collection of £38. Then the really amazing thing happened: after the show two people came to me with my flyer and a pen. I looked at them with a puzzled expression and asked what on hell they wanted me to do. Well, wasn't that obvious? They wanted me to sign the flyer! And so I did. By the way, I really hope there was a reviewer in the audience today. No, no review yet. Need to go now, I'm going to check on eBay the prize of my signed flyers. Stay tuned, things seem to become really interesting.


  1. keep it up and you'll next have the ladies tossing their underwear at you ;)

  2. I agree with your mother: it seems this may indeed culminate in free sex. Fingers crossed. [But seriously, well done and massive respect to you, you nutcase]. Neil