Friday, August 14, 2009

Because I can

Here I am, on my London Kings Cross originating train, feeling a bit like Harry Potter in his first journey to Hogarts or whatever it's called. I must admit that I don't have much to tell you that I didn't have last night, given that I spent sleeping most of the time in between, but it's my first journey with a netbook on a train with free Wi-Fi. So, it's a bit like that old joke that goes: "Why do dogs lick their own genitals? Because they can". I'm now entering Petersborough station, how exciting! Behind me there is a little girl that talks all the time with her ear-piercing high pitch. Once in this country they used to say that "children must be seen, but not heard". What happened to that? It's all fault of these bloody foreigners polluting the culture with their heart-bleeding liberalism. By the way, the train is full of people with Fringe programs and I'm almost tempted to point them in the direction of my show. And I'm happy that the train is so packed. The beauty of obsessions is that in their light everything starts to make sense. The greed of Wall Street bankers was a necessary step towards the creation of an environment more suitable for free Fringe shows. The increase in the number of new swine flu cases stopped jut in time. Global warming can only be good for Edinburgh. I'm still not sure how to explain the Iran crisis and the MP expenses scandal, but I'm working on it.

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