Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Small audience happens... and how to deal with it

Today my audience was made of only 7 people, but I didn't let it affect my performance and they seemed to appreciate it, so I'm satisfied. Coping with a small audience is an essential skill to learn if your slot is at 12.45, you are at the first Fringe and nobody has ever heard of you. By the way, yesterday I stayed in my venue to watch Ashley Freeze's "Seven deadly jokes", a very clever and funny piece of meta-comedy about the different types of joke. I always seem to like Jewish comedians, so given also my longtime interest in Freud maybe I should write a show called "I wish I was Jewish. Or the envy of the circumcised penis". By the way, tonight I'll hook up with Anthea Neagle to support Phil Higgins at the "So you think you are funny competition". It will be a nice chance to catch up with the other members of the open spots class of 2009. Not much more to say for today... ah, still no review.

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