Sunday, August 2, 2009

Brian Logan, are you reading this?

Yesterday I did a gig run by Manos the Greek and I had the chance to see a preview of his show. I'm very interested in what he does since his show is about being a Greek in Britain and mine is about being an Italian in Britain. I'm sure that if Brian Logan of the Guardian had a chance to see both our shows he would decide, again, that two make not only a crowd but a movement, he would call it something offensive like "The new Eurotrash of comedy", Manos and I would be given an entire page of the Guardian to reply and droves will flock to see our shows as I'm sure will do for Richard Herring's and Brendon Burns'. Stop dreaming.

By the way, fortunately Manos' approach and mine couldn't be more different. At least for the first part of his show, he plays some sort of Greek Al Murray character, ironically emboding and exagerating the national stereotypes. Even when he steps out of character, his view of the world is still that of the Greek observing British live and comparing it to "back home". My point of view, instead, is that of the "misfit", even more so in Italy than in this country, the culturally "contaminated", who doesn't know where "home" is anymore and probably never knew, hence his decision to move. My amusement is as much directed to the Italian society seen from my new British perspective than the other way round. I'm not saying that this is "better", it's just different. Althought I must admit I can't help making it sound more articulated. But this is MY blog after all.

So, movement or not, I do think that festival goers should come and see both our shows and that the contrast would only add clarity to them.

Good luck, Manos, see you in Edinburgh!

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