Monday, June 29, 2009

Four gigs in a week!

The preparations for the show are in full throttle. Last week I did four gigs, a personal record. The funniest thing was to meet the same comedians over and over again, it felt like being part of a traveling circus. It's just like going to the pub to see familiar faces, the only difference is that the pub changes every night. I have always had problems with communities (hence the Misfit in the title), but I like the fact that this is starting to feel like one. Which of course doesn't mean that there will be no competition or jealousy involved. On the subject, yesterday I shared the bill with Denis Krasnov, the author of a vicious article according to which free shows (like mine) are inevitably worthless. The entrance was only two quid so, according to his own meter, he was expected to be really shit. Two quid gigs are for people who are not ready for the the £18 shows at the Comedy Show and who should better not to waste our time at all. Instead, I must admit, he was really good. Oh, the irony!