Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good audience! Big laughs! £37 Collection! Over the moon!

So much for the suspense. Pity, I could have really played on it, since the day didn't start well at all. I didn't sleep much, I wasn't feeling in the mood and it was raining really very heavily. When I left my hostel there was nobody around, I had a first coffee in a bar that was completely empty, then I went to the Dome and there were only families waiting for the kids shows to start. I then decided to go to one of my favorite cafes, the Kilimanjaro, and it was packed with people reading the program and planning what show to see! Until then I didn't realize how close to my venue it was. So I decided to spend there the time before my show and to flyer every single fellow punter, stressing that the show was around the corner, apart from being free and at a suitable time. It worked amazingly well, my room was 2/3 full and it seemed as if the entire Kilimanjaro crowd have just decided to move to the Counting House! The show itself went well, even if I forgot the second part of the phone routine, the one with the self-deprecating joke. No prize for the first who mentions Sigmund bloody Freud. I got the laughs, received many compliments and ended up with an amazing collection of £37, that fellow performers told me it's exceptionally good. Now the sun is shining (really!), the birds are singing (I presume) and the Fringe is the most amazing event in the world.

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