Monday, August 17, 2009

Back on a high... desperate self-promotion apparently works!

Today I had an almost full room, people seemed to like the show, I was pleased with my performance and there was somebody at the back looking suspiciously like a critic (who, I'm afraid to say, didn't laugh much, but maybe he thought it would have been unprofessional). What turned things around was that yesterday afternoon I did a great promotion campaigne. I changed my style completely, with chat-up lines such as: [to people surrounded by flyers] You don't to seem to have enough flyers, do you want one? [to people reading the program] Let me guess... you give the impression of looking for shows to watch... right?... so clever of me. Stuff like that. Then I went on with a pitch about the show and with a bit of banter. They played along well, I enjoyed it very much and it seemed to work. In the evening I went to see Richard Herring's show (brilliant!), the queue was too long for the venue, they had to split it in two and they made a mess of it, so I shouted with mock rage: "These things don't happen at MY show!". People were curious, I did a self-deprecating pitch explaining why I didn't need crowd control at my show and gave a few flyers. What makes the Fringe so special is the desperation of the performers to promote themselves, which means that they (we, actually) are performing all the time, with every place becoming a stage and every crowd an audience. Going back to Richard Herring, as for all his shows he gave away a free program asking for donations for some charity. I couldn't even hear the name of the charity, but I was very happy to give my contribution to the promotion of the cause of bucket collections. Speaking of which, today it was £33, all in coins. My trousers are so weighted down that I get mistaken for a teenager. Sorry, I need to go flyering now... stay tuned!


  1. Sounds good, Mr. G! Am eagerly awaiting news of the first critical notice. Hoping for 5 stars...


  2. Go you sir! id say 33 pounds makes you pro!

  3. Glad to hear that all is going well. Is £33 journeyman or artisan grade?