Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My first review ever!

This Catherine Paver (never met before) came to see my preview for the Italian speakers group and after the show sent me an enthusiastic and articulated email. It was already almost a review, so I asked her if she wanted to write an audience review for BroadwayBaby, a site dedicated to such things. And so she wrote what happens to be my first review ever. I quote it here:
Giac doesn't power-drill his jokes into your head or swear at you every nine seconds. His natural delivery just lets the jokes hit you all the harder. The only reason I gave this show 4 stars is that I think the best of this comic is yet to come.
If you're tired of being shouted at about bodily functions and you want something clever as well as really funny, go to this. It's like spaghetti served with laughing gas. Free. What's better than that?

Good points

I saw a London Preview of this show and laughed almost all the way through it. Intelligent, observant and true, the excellent material is delivered in a likeably relaxed way to the audience.

Bad points

A slight loss of pace in one section about a mobile phone call.
Apart from that, my only criticism is that I wanted it to go on longer! Two bowls of spaghetti are better than one.
Thank you very much, Catherine!

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