Monday, August 30, 2010

What next?

I have accepted that offer to do a gig in Italy during a congress on translation organized by the University of Bologna, even if unfortunately it meant canceling my partecipation to the Manchester Comedy Festival. I'm really intrigued and not only because it will be my first performance in Italy, although still in English. I'm also intrigued by the academic settings, after all many critics niticed that at times my show sounded like a lecture in linguistics. This might also indicate a line of development, some new jokes have sprung to my mind during the festival's run and they all happen to be on the subject of language. I originally thought of doing a show on language for this Edinburgh, but I didn't have enough material so I added the part on becoming British and tried to harmonize these two parts under the umbrella of a reflection on national identify. This forced marriage probably wasn't a complete success and I must admit that the part on citizenship tasted a bit stale in my mouth. I'm now ready to let it go, so I'll work on replacing it with new material on language with the goal of finally writing that language-centric show in time for Brighton in May. After all it's the only subject that is winning me invitations to literally festivals and prestigious universities. More importantly, it's the subject that feels "mine" to me and that gives me the greatest pleasure.

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  1. Caro Giacinto,

    I have just excitedly read an article in the Guardian, which introduced me to your work for the first time. It sounds great. Unfortunately I can't find an email addess for you, so I'll have to make it public!

    I'm currently writing a PhD on Italian comedians in the Berlusconi era, and really enjoyed the joke they quoted. I realise you're not an Italy-based comedian, but I'd love to see your work. Where are you next performing (apart from Bologna which is a little of the way for Birmingham)?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Clare Watters.