Sunday, August 8, 2010

Busy days

For yesterday I was planning to take it easy and focus on the preparation, but I forgot that it was the day of Meet The Press. It's an event that seems to exist to remind you of how difficult it is to get any attention from anybody and how fierce the competition is. I queued 1 hour to get in, half hour to talk to BroadwayBaby and 2 hours and a half to talk to the Scotsman. At that point it was time to go to my venue for the show. I felt knackered and not looking forward to standing for another hour. Fortunately being physically tired helped to relax, the delivery was precise and animated and the audience laughed all the way. It was the first performance when I thought I was getting the result I was hoping for. In the evening I took part to a very funnily wacky talk show hosted by Robert Commiskey. It was nice, as it also was Electric Cabaret on Thursday in front of a packed audience who rewarded me with big laughs and a couple of applause breaks, that holy grail of comedians. I'm happy that this year I have been invited to quite a few of these events, not only they are a good chance to promote your show and socialize with the other comedians but they are so much easier than the solo show and they help you to recharge the confidence batteries when it's needed. And on Friday night I watched Richard Herring's show "Christ on a bike", very clever and very funny. Now I have finally got the C Venues pass so I'm planning to see more shows. Stay tuned.


  1. Ciao Giacinto, ti ho "scoperto" ieri sera non mi ricordo più nemmeno come, fore mentre cercavo un papabile spettacolo del Fringe da andare a vedere, ma in effetti non ho alcuna memoria del percorso fatto per arrivare fin qui (demenza senile). E niente, volevo lasciarti un saluto qui mentre medito se riuscirò o meno a venire al festival quest'anno (sono in zona, ma non in città, e ho una bambina piccoola, il che non aiuta le alzate dì'ingegno estemporanee). E poi mi devi togliere 'sta curiosità: ma la tua parlata durante gli show... è fatta apposta, vero?
    Ciao, e dai che 2 ore e mezza spese per Scotsman valgno la pena.

  2. I think what you've been through is the footballer's dilemma: do you or do you not have sex before a game? Is it going to wear you out or get you into the groove? Looks like you might have obliquely resolved it.