Sunday, August 22, 2010

Best show so far!

After my unusual night of sleep in "normal" hours this morning I woke up full of energy. In fact I bumped into Giada who asked me why I looked so cheerful. And I did a showcase slot just before my show, not just after. It went less well than the other ones but that was because it worked as a warm-up to my show instead of the other way round. My performance was very energetic, I did feel hot but I actually enjoyed my sweat as the proof that I was giving all, as if I was doing some physical workout. And I never lost visual contact with the audience, which had been one of the problems in my past performances. Audience that, on their part, really seemed to enjoy it, with a couple of people even waiting outside to congratulate me. All this, however, makes me also a bit angry with myself. If all my performances were like today's this show would have been a great success instead of the struggle it has actually become. I guess this is the real distinction between the pro and the non-pro, professionalism after all is mainly about reliability. But at least now I know what I can achieve on a good day and I discovered a reserve of performing energy I didn't even know I had. My next challenge will be to keep it flowing.


  1. Hey Giacinto! we were at your performance on Sat and we really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work :)

    your ex fellow-citizens

  2. I think you have hit a target here. By analogy when I'm teaching grad students about writing, they think it's going to be like at undergrad level in that they will toss off a draft and that's it. No, I tell them, your first draft is exactly that: the first and definitely not the last. It will take a number of drafts before you get it right. This is the same in my own academic writing. For example, I've been working on an article that has now gone through maybe 10 or 11 drafts and I suspect will need a couple more before it's publishable.

    The reworking and rethinking is vital to get something right. When I saw you at the Blue Posts in Soho, you were at an early draft stage. It now sounds as though you are nearing the final draft. Well done. But remember there is always the next paper to be written and it starts again...and on....and on.

    Good luck to you!

  3. Maybe is the presence of your parents at the festival bringing the best out of you?