Saturday, February 5, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Giacinto announces his plans for the next Edinburgh

It's the beginning of February and the plans for the next Edinburgh Fringe are starting to take shape. So, here are the news: I will do a free show with Cecilia Delatori and Alice Frick. In a sense I'm reversing almost every decision I took last year: free show instead of paid for, three hands instead of solo... the only decision I'm sticking with is doing the full run. So, is this an admission of failure? Have I survived only one season in the Premier League? Part of me feels that way. But on the other hand, last year's show was such a struggle that I really need to relax a bit more, invest less money and go back to having fun. The Foster's nomination won last year by Imran Yusuf has hopefully removed once and for all the stigma against free shows. And running a solo show all by yourself, I mean without a production and promotion team behind you, is really hard work. I'm really looking forward to working with Cecilia and Alice, they are of course comics I really like, they are at their first Edinburgh as comics (although Cecilia has a lot of Edinburgh experience as an actress) and consequently very enthusiastic and motivated. I really hope that the interaction between us can be stimulating for everybody. And, above all, that we can enjoy ourselves, a goal so easy to forget in that crazy pinball that is the Edinburgh Fringe.

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