Saturday, January 9, 2010

The shape of Fringe to come

Time flies like an arrow or and, as my Philosophy of Language professor used to say to highlight the Chomskyan notion that when you hear a sentence you are actively imposing a grammatical structure onto it, fruit flies like a banana. I'm still not sure to have completely digested my last Curry in a Hurry and it's already decision time, or at least ideas gathering time, for the Edinburgh Fringe 2010. January, in fact, is the month when the "venues" open their application process. So here are some ideas I gathered so far:
  • Last year it took a week to get the reviews and the word-of-mouth, so doing two weeks meant that I had to kill the show in its prime. Despite the bigger investment in time and money I will seriously consider doing the entire three weeks run.
  • Again in the logic of stepping up my game, I'll aim at writing a "full length" show, which normally means from 50 minutes to one hour.
  • Given the ambition of the project I need to get there step by step. To this purpose I booked previews at the Brighton Fringe in May and a preview to those previews in Birmingham at the end of April. They will probably be 40 minutes shows, leaving room for expansion in the following months.
  • I hope to write a show that will be at least 70% new, but there are routines from the last year's show that I'm not ready to let go yet. I will probably let go the phone call (I have always been very ambivalent towards it) and maybe all the part about the citizenship.
  • The writing of new material is proceeding slowly but steadily. Most of it tends to be about the Italian language v. the English language, so I think that language will become more and more the real focus point.
  • I'm conscious that I will probably change idea on every one of the previous points.
So, in a sense the adventure has already started... how exciting!


  1. You need to be sure to add a bit about your parents watching the video of last year's show and all the crazy translating!

  2. You are absolutely right! I have already written something about it but I'll definitively write more.

  3. All sounds very exciting, a full hour also means your in contention for best new act. Good luck!I am looking forward to seeing your show. let me know what you do about accommodation. I am rather worried wondering i can get something cheap enough!

  4. Jay, thank you for awaking my hubris, just in case it was needed. For accommodation you should wait closer to the time and I'm sure they will be loads of sharing opportunities.